Breadth and Vision ​ Exploring your life together.

Breadth and Vision.

Exploring your life together.

I am an experienced counselling professional who will help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. Whether its your working relationships, your personal ones or anything else that is important to you I’ll help you to make sense of the difficult emotional moments to help you effectively deal with the challenges you may encounter in life.


Is it difficult to let people know how you really feel on the inside ?

Maybe changes taking place in your life have left you experiencing anxiety and depression, stuck and unable to move forward. Life seems difficult to cope with. 

Perhaps you are struggling with a current relationship at home or work. Possibly some of the choices you've made are part of a repeating pattern and you would like to explore and understand the pattern to make better choices in the future. 

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My Professional Philosophy.

Every person is different, their story is unique to them. I think that is important. 

I believe it is absolutely possible to change some of the thoughts and emotions that are hampering your life. Firstly you need to find the time and space, somewhere you feel secure enough to begin expressing some tricky thoughts and feelings with someone that you trust, someone trained to work in a professional capacity with your emotions. That will be the starting point for making the changes you need. 


Where I work.

Get in Touch

Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

​I offer sessions in Chalfont St Peter from comfortable and quiet rooms as part of a multi- disciplinary practice.

The clinic is conveniently located in the centre of the village with free car parking opposite. I am able to see adults and couples from this venue.  

Please enquire about children and families.


On- line. 

For many clients, working with a therapist on line has become a normal way of accessing a therapeutic service since the start of the pandemic. I am continuing to offer an on-line service at certain times of day for those who prefer to work with me in this way. 

In addition there are a limited number of face to face sessions available in Kings Cross, WC1. 


Deborah Ellis

I was fortunate to be trained  and guided  by some of the most influential practitioners and thinkers in the profession. 
Having worked for a number of mental health organisations I now focus on my private practice. I have enjoyed working  with a diverse range of international clients, had experience with a range of presenting issues with clients aged from six years through to sixty and beyond.


I am able to work with a wide range of issues, some of which include 

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Stress 

  • Relationships 

  • Family issues 

  • Separation and divorce 

  • Fertility

  • Postnatal depression 

  • Blended families 

  • Identity

  • Couples and family counselling 



My practice. way to beat the virus is to follow the UK government guidelines to help reduce the rise in infections. 

I will be continuing to see existing clients and welcoming new ones through sessions held on-line and where possible meeting in person. 

Face to face sessions will be in buildings that maintain an enhanced cleaning policy and hand sanitiser points.  I test for the virus twice weekly. Please advise me in advance if you would prefer us both to wear a mask during the session.  

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I aim to keep session costs at the same level as other equally experienced therapists practicing in the area. 

  • Initial session  £40

  • Individual Adult KIngs Cross £75

  • Individual Adult Bucks.  £65

  • Couples.  £90

  • Children and Families - please phone to enquire. 

There are a limited number of low cost sessions available for clients unable to pay the full fee.  As each persons circumstances are different we discuss an appropriate level of fee during the introduction session. 


What to expect from therapy sessions

Your Questions Answered

Counselling or Psychotherapy. What's the difference ?

I am able to offer clients both a counselling service and psychotherapy. Both counselling and psychotherapy offer an unbiased and confidential listening space where thoughts and feelings can be explored and the therapist will be able to support and guide you to start to make sense of them. 
The main difference is that psychotherapy generally goes to a greater depth, as a result clients really learn to understand themselves and their pattern of behaviour. Counselling can be more focused on one particular issue . Change is possible with both counselling and psychotherapy.

How will I know your approach will be right for me ?

We arrange an initial session without commitment. This will give you an opportunity to see if I am the right person to help you, if you feel comfortable talking to me and if the location and timing will fit in with your other commitments. If it's helpful we can arrange a phone call to discuss any questions you have about the service before coming to see me. 

This is something I strongly advise for children and families. ...

It's also an opportunity to tell me a little more why you are seeking help at this time. My training over the years has been purposefully varied to allow me to have a 'tool kit' of theories and approaches that will fit each clients personality and issue.  

Do you see children and young people ?

I arrange to see children and young people on Saturday morning in Kings Cross, in Buckinghamshire after 4pm.

Working with a minor is slightly different and I use a model which will involve family collaboration meeting the primary care first. A phone call beforehand allows us to talk through the issues and to get an understanding of the sessions .  Unlike adult sessions I suggest a set time frame to put aside for sessions  well in advance. 

How is your work and professional conduct regulated ?

I am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, largest professional registering body in the UK. The BACP have an informative website where you can learn more about what to expect when engaging with a professional service with one of its members.